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Data Analytics and Visualization
Business Analysis with Excel
Dashboarding with Excel and Tableau
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Microsoft Excel is the world’s most used and versatile business analysis, reporting and strategy software. Having a deep practical knowledge of Excel will turn you almost superhuman at work and increase your productivity. You will be seen as a very efficient, highly competent and indispensable partner in the organization’s progress. And, hopefully, it will lead to a much greater career role and opportunity for you. Dashboarding is data visualization that displays the status of (KPI’s) Key performance indicators of business. We cover dashboard designing using Excel and Tableau.

We will cover the example of Sales, E commerce and Pharma Dashboard to give you real time knowledge.

Everyone has language, so as Excel too. VBA is the language in which excel communicate with other applications and within application.
Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) extends the functionality of ordinary Excel sheets by automating common tasks, customize the interface to your specific needs, and perform complex calculations which don’t exist natively in Microsoft Excel.

MS Access



Microsoft Access is a DBMS (also known as Database Management System) from Microsoft that combines the relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a graphical user interface and software-development tools. Microsoft SQL Server is a relational database management system developed by Microsoft. As a database server, it is a software product with the primary function of storing and retrieving data as requested by other software applications which may run either on the same computer or on another computer across a network.
Tableau is business intelligence software that allows anyone to easily connect to data, then visualize and create interactive, sharable dashboards. It’s easy enough that any Excel user can learn it, but powerful enough to satisfy even the most complex analytical problems. Securely sharing your findings with others only takes seconds.

Data Visualization & Analytics – Online Classes

Course duration: 80 hours (Atleast 50 hours live training + Practice and Self-study)
Excel, Dashboarding, VBA, MS Access, SQL and Tableau
Designed to help you become a successful Data Analyst, this course is for those just starting their career in Analytics. It will teach you how to make powerful dashboards, macros, Access and SQL along with a strong focus on case studies to ensure hands-on learning. Once armed with the analytics, you will also learn the powerful Data visualization tool Tableau to present your analysis.

Who Should do this course?

Candidates from various quantitative backgrounds, like Engineering, Finance, Maths, Statistics, Business Management who want to head start their career in analytics.

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Lokesh Paliwal


Lokesh Paliwal

is an Data Consultant and has worked with prestigious companies like Cisco, Sapient in the past 8 years. He has worked for clients across the globe and is an expert in Business and Data Analytics.

  • – A dynamic professional with experience in Data- Analytics for Network Solutions, Banking and Business Outsourcing industries. 8 plus Years of experience in Data Management/ MIS / Quality Control/ Dashboards/ Analytics.
  • – Hands on expertise in development of automation tools and dashboard based on Excel, VBA, MS Access, SQL for different domains include Supply Chain, Leasing, Business outsourcing.
  • – Hands on experience in different Analytics Techniques includes Cluster Analysis, Factor Analysis and Regression Analysis. Worked on Data Analytics, Supply Chain, Operational Analytics and Digital Analytics with focus on Finance, Supply Chain and Outsourcing clients in Asia, Australia and United States.
  • – Have used different statistical flat forms like SAS, SQL, Excel, VBA, OBI(Oracle Business Intelligence) .
  • – Trained and coached several client teams and various individuals on Data Analytics tools and techniques as part of part of capability building programs.

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Services and Clients

We develop custom utility software. We first understand your business challenges and then come up with a technology solution to solve the challenges. If you already have your requirements ready, we can just develop the software for you.
We primarily use Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Access for development, however, we are not technology dependent. We also use web technologies as and when the need arises.
We have so far developed numerous Custom business applications, Dashboards, Financial Models, etc. We use our expertise to understand your challenges and come up with a quick and cost effective solution.

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