F Series Macro Examples

Fill Method
You can use the Fill method to fills a range of cells. Let’s see how this is implemented below.

Sub FillDemo ( )

Range(“A2:A10”).FillUp            ‘this will fill up the value contain in cell A10 to all cell above until A2

Range(“A2:A10”).FillDown        ‘this will fill down the value contain in cell A2 to all cell below until A10

End Sub


For Next Loop

Use this syntax when you want to execute for a determine number of time.

Sub ForNextDemo1 ()

For x = 1 to 10

y = x + 1

Next x

MsgBox (y)

End Sub

Here you’ll get y = 11

Look at another example…The code below will for cell value that are positive to bold.

Sub ForNextDemo2 ()

Set MyRange = Range(“A1:A100”)

y = MyRange.Rows.Count   ‘ y = 100

For x = 1 to y

If MyRange.Cells(x).Value > 0 Then

MyRange.Cells(x).Font.Bold = True

End If

Next x

End Sub

Or you can use the For Each – Next syntax to do the same thing.

Sub ForNextDemo3 ()

Set MyRange = Range(“A1:A100”)

For Each cell in MyRange

If cell.Value > 0 Then

cell.Font.Bold = True

End if

Next cell

End Sub

October 9, 2011

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