How to use Vlookup


Vlookup stands for vertically lookup from the leftmost column of the table, its look for the data in the same row from a column you specify.

The syntax for the Vlookup function is:

=Vlookup(lookup value, table array, column index number, [range lookup])

Lookup value is the value we need to look on for more information. Lookup value is in the first column of the table array.

Table array is the two or more columns dataset, where your return value exists.

Column index number is the column number from which you want to pull back your data from. The first column is 1 and so on.

[Range lookup] is optional. We need to enter False or True. False is to find and exact match and true is to find an approximate match.

In place of False you can write 0 and True to 1. If you leave this parameter vlookup will return approximate match value.

In the above screen shot in cell F2 Vlookup function would return $ 41000 for EmpID 11004(cell c2).

December 19, 2012

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