VBE Window

VBE window in Excel is an environment where you write and modify your Procedures, User form in Excel. All our VBA (Visual Basic for Application) work we do under VBE (Visual Basic Editor). VBA code is typed, edited, viewed, debugged and run in the VBA Editor.

How to Open VBE window in Excel

To open the VBE window in Excel, first we have to make sure that “Developer Tab” is visible in the Excel tool bar.
To Insert “Developer Tab”.
First click on the “File Button” then Click “Customize Ribbon” then “Developer Check Box”, click “OK”.


Then under “Developer Tab” click “Visual Basic”.

Insert Developer Tab Excel

VBE Window

Project Window:
Project Window is on the immediate left side of VBA Editor. This window shows list of all projects and helps to easily navigate between them.

you can see all your projects in the project window. If you have multiple worbooks open at once then you can see multiple project in the project window.

Code Window:
In code window you write your VBA code. Code window contain VBA code for each invidual worksheet or module.

Properties Window:
In Properties window you can edit the properties of each objects (Userform, Workbook, Worksheet etc).

February 2, 2015

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